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About CleanTastic
Stain? Clean it quickly - blot, don't rub. Try club soda.
No one ever got our carpets this clean...no one! 
- Joseph Cohen

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CleanTastic Solutions, as the name implies, was founded to provide fantastic cleaning services with a personal touch. We saw a need for quality, honesty and integrity.  We know there are a lot of companies who engage in bait and switch tactics and provide unsatisfactory in and out work with poor results, but not us.

Cleaning is as much an art is it is a science. 

You have a big investment in your home and/or business and if you are a discriminating individual, we are sure that you appreciate the value of a home or business that is meticulously clean, bright, fresh and provides a healthy environment.  We seek out cutting edge technology and advanced green cleaning products and we guarantee your satisfaction. 

The main thrust of our business is carpet cleaning, but you can expect the same quality in all the services we offer.  CleanTastic Solutions uses the Dry-Tech System for carpet cleaning which is the newest, most advanced cleaning technology available today for carpet and upholstery and has been proven for 16 years.
1000s of fires every year are caused by dirty dryer vents.
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A true professional has a substantial investment, along with the knowledge of what to use with your particular kind of fabric, and superior products not found in stores. Sometimes applying products without the proper knowledge can actually make stains worse or permanent. 

Maybe you don't know how to get out that stubborn stain. In terms of general dirt sometimes the change is so gradual with build-up that we don't really notice it.  Have you ever noticed how you naturally treat something when it is new? Well, if you want to extend the life of your carpet substantially and keep up that like new look and feel of your carpet and upholstery then we urge you to experience what a true professional clean is. Even if you think you have waited too long, we can transform your carpet and upholstery and make them look like new again in many cases.  We have the time, the equipment, the products and the knowledge to do it safely, effectively and efficiently.  We look forward to serving you and having you join our family of loyal customers.

Inquire about all of your cleaning needs and check out our service page. If we don't offer a service you are looking for, we work with reliable people that can get the job done right!

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You can be assured you are getting the best possible clean every time with attention to the details.  We treat your home or business as if it were our own.  You can expect professional and courteous service every time. We will walk through your home or business and take note of any concerns you may have and address them. We are not looking for a quick buck - we are looking for long-term loyal customers who will not hesitate to recommend our company to friends and family.  We offer quality work at fair prices. It is our goal to make your experience a rewarding one.